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In the 21st century governments at all levels and in many countries are realizing that now is time to take openness, accountability and transparency to the next level.  While governments are realizing this need their citizens have determined that even in a representative democracy there’s still room for consultation and active engagement.  The internet of things has provided new tools for government and citizens, not only tools but also information.  Information in any form continues to change the landscape and level the playing field in respect to everything from decision making to strategic planning.

Why am I talking open and government, well because this week I took a leap of the edge of a cliff.  Well one might say I was pushed off.  Which ever way you look at it, for some time I had been standing looking over the edge, thinking about what was possible in government and the broader public sector in Canada and beyond.

The leap I took was to create a consulting and advisory services startup called AcuitasGov where I plan to assist clients in government who desire to transform, innovate and modernize through technology, culture and open government strategies.  I am building my parasail as I tumble and soon will take flight.

There is a convergence happening right now, we are at a nexus of technology, transformation, information and accountability.  Citizens elect representatives to administer their tax dollars that create a civil society a robust economy and opportunity for all.  Citizens also expect that at any time they can easily “check in” to see how it is going, how are we progressing to the plan and what are the outcomes we expect next month, next year and where is our future as a city, province, state, nation.

Movements like open data and open government are opening the information up to citizens, yet they want more.  They are looking for deeper engagement, to be asked for their ideas not to be told what is happening to them, they want to make it happen with their government.  

This is the nexus point we are at !

The future is ahead for all of us to shape, together, collaboratively.  The old style of telling has been replaced with seeking and taking perspective, collaborating and co-creating.  If you are a leader ( political or administrative ) who is still telling then your days are numbered.  Time to understand that the world has changed.  Its time for all of us to move or thinking, actions and attitudes to the 21st century.

It’s time for 21st Century Government !

City of Edmonton & Google release new Google Views

A few months ago Google was in Edmonton with the Google trike, travelling the trails as well as some special locations around the city.  Check out these exciting new views.

Edmonton Valley Zoo

Edmonton City Hall

Stanley A. Milner Library

Citadel Theater


Edmonton Muttart

Edmonton River Valley

Fort Edmonton Park

We need to Welcome the new people among us


My wife Ruth Moore is an incredible women, she is so passionate about making sure newcomers to our wonderful country are supported, integrated and most of all encouraged.  Ruth is responsible for a weekly blog ( http://eriecedmonton.wordpress.com/ )with Eriec.ca - you really need to read it, it is about you and me and all of us.  I encourage everyone who reads this to get involved as a mentor / coach.

I have the joy of experiencing Ruth’s passion, I have coached and mentored many International professionals - it is so Fulfilling a complete JOY.  When you have the opportunity to lend a hand to someone who is starting new, you are part of their life, part of their futre and welcomed as a member of their family.

You have knowledge and experience and talents - Why not use that to drive our country forward - be part of our future- What are you waiting for.

Are jeans finding their way back to business wear

I have noticed a very interesting and curious trend in business around Edmonton. Jeans are making a come back !

When I say that I don’t mean just for Rodeo days and not just on Fridays, Jeans are showing up during the week. As I travel the streets in the Edmonton downtown I see jeans, usually with a blazer or a suit jacket. These are nice jeans, designer jeans, jeans with style and jeans with attitude.

I have been in the corporate world for 28 years and during that time I have seen many trends come and go. Many people would say, dress for success, dress for the culture. I wonder is the culture shifting, is business culture changing ?

So what if it is, do you care, will you engage, will you maintain status quo, does any of this matter at all.

Fashion is a very individual thing yet at the same time it is individual it is also guided and influenced by the crowd. Do you find the people around you adding jeans to their corporate wardrobe during the week ?

There is no right or wrong with this, there just is what people choose to do. So take a look around, is the culture of corporate dress changing, is this only happening in Edmonton or is it showing up elsewhere in the world ?

When culture shifts - Who notices ?

Why I am Endorsing @daeaves for Open Gov Partnership Civil Society Rep

We are at a nexus of transformation in society - globally, nationally and locally.  Every day we experience the rapid change in all aspects of our lives.   As a City, Edmonton is a leader in respect to Open Government and access to information, #opendata, Social Engagement as well as our passion to exploit our investment in technology to serve our citizens !

At this time leaders in our world are focussing an exciting plan to transform our nations and our world.  If you are not aware of #OGP check out the Open Government Partnership and note that Canada has committed to participate in this work.  The Nations are gathering in Brazil in April 2012 to continue to move the Open Government agenda forward.  Our Federal leaders are planning on being present to represent our country, and we also have an opportunity to have representatives at this event on behalf of Civil Society.  

As noted in his recent Blog Post David Eaves is offering to be the Civil Society representative for Canada, and to encourage others to join him on this mission.   I am expressing my 100% support and endorsement for David Eaves as the Canadian Civil Society representative.  I also encourage those reading this post to go David’s blog and review his request and if you feel that you can also endorse him you email him as requested.

I have known David for a number of years, have worked with him and also been watching him and his work.  I have said many times and I will say it again, I believe David is Canada’s preeminent voice in our country on Open Government, he is so passionate about the possibilities available to our country through “OPEN”, acting as a catalyst at local, provincial/territorial and national levels - supporting, encouraging and challenging.  David is not shy to hold us all to account, to move us to a new level or responsibility and destiny for our great nation.

David I KNOW you will be in Brazil and I also KNOW that you will continue to rally leaders in our country to up our game and lead into this open world !

Chris Moore

Chief Information Officer

City of Edmonton

RT @daeaves: So consumer activism is a bad idea? Especially when organized on twitter? Completely not understanding @nero’s piece http:/ …

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The Chris Moore  Daily is out! http://t.co/kVq7cjTK

The Chris Moore  Daily is out! http://t.co/kVq7cjTK

The Chris Moore  Daily is out! http://t.co/kVq7cjTK